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OKC Thunder: Stronger Durant set for big season

By Mike Baldwin Published: October 2, 2008
’s stronger, and he has put on a little bit of weight.”

With more strength, Durant could create mismatch problems. He already has an advantage on the perimeter against big men. With more muscle, his post-up game will improve when guards cover him.

"Playing the 2 (shooting guard) I wasn’t able to get in the post last year,” Durant said. "I think I can get down in there some this year and help this team.”

Durant was lanky his only season at Texas, when he was named the National College Player of the Year. Durant’s body is still maturing. After all, he was still a teenager until earlier this week, when he celebrated his 20th birthday.

"This league is very physical,” Durant said. "It’s grown man strength up here. In college you’re dealing with some boys. But up here it’s grown men. I just told myself not to get in (the paint). I know I’m not the strongest guy... But I worked hard in the weight room this summer. Hopefully, it pays off.”