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OKC Thunder: Teams averaged most turnovers in the league

Perhaps the most irritating aspect about this year's Thunder team – for fans, players and especially coaches – has been all those turnovers.
BY JOHN ROHDE, Staff Writer, Published: April 27, 2012

As rare as it is to have two players from the same team finish in the top 5 in scoring average, Kevin Durant (first in scoring at 28.0) and Russell Westbrook (fifth at 23.6) also finished second (248) and third (239) in total turnovers this season.

The accompanying chart breaks down each Thunder player turnover-by-turnover, how many they had and of what species.

Westbrook was extremely diversified with turnovers in 10 categories, which you would expect from a point guard handling the ball so often.

But how in the world do perpetual screeners like center Kendrick Perkins and forward Nick Collison qualify in 10 categories?

Congo native turned Spanish citizen Serge Ibaka also had 10 different breeds of turnover, which is a lot in any country.

Westbrook's go-to move was the bad pass (106), while Durant had a remarkably balanced turnover attack in lost balls (90) and bad passes (90).

If it seemed as though OKC led the league in offensive fouls, perhaps it did. Though no official standings could be found, the Thunder had three players with 30-plus in Westbrook (32), Durant (30) and Perkins (30).

Another area where OKC excelled was stepping out of bounds.

Fittingly, bombardier guard Daequan Cook often had trouble staying inside the lines while prepping to hoist a 3-pointer. He had more “step OB” turnovers (7) than any other kind.

Reggie Jackson kept it simple and had turnovers in only five categories, no easy feat for an NBA rookie point guard.

Perhaps this light-hearted look at a cold-hearted stat will help ease some of the Thunder's suffering. With the playoffs now here, perhaps OKC players can turn over a new leaf.


F Kevin Durant (248)

Lost ball (90); bad pass (90); offensive foul (30); lost-ball turnover (24); discontinued dribble (7); traveling (5); double-dribble (1); backcourt violation (1).

G Russell Westbrook (239)

Bad pass (106); lost ball (50); lost-ball turnover (35); offensive foul (32); traveling (7); step OB (4); discontinued dribble (2); double-dribble (1); 5-second violation (1); offensive goaltending (1).

G James Harden (137)

Bad pass (63); lost ball (26); offensive foul (23); lost-ball turnover (13); traveling (8); discontinued dribble (3); backcourt violation (1).

C Kendrick Perkins (118)

Bad pass (41); offensive foul (30); lost ball (14); traveling (14); lost-ball turnover (8); 3-second violation (4); step OB (2); free-throw lane violation (2); discontinued dribble (2); in-bound turnover (1).

F Serge Ibaka (79)

Bad pass (19); lost ball (17); offensive foul (16); lost-ball turnover (9); traveling (7); 3-second violation (5); offensive goaltending (3); free-throw lane violation (1); jump-ball violation (1); step OB (1).

F Nick Collison (61)

Bad pass (17); lost-ball turnover (12); offensive foul (11); lost ball (7); traveling (7); 3-second violation (3); free-throw lane violation (1); offensive goaltending (1); step OB (1); illegal screen (1).

G Thabo Sefolosha (40)

Bad pass (15); offensive foul (9); lost ball (5); lost-ball turnover (4); step OB (4); traveling (3).

G Reggie Jackson (36)

Bad pass (16); lost ball (9); offensive foul (4); discontinued dribble (4); traveling (3).

C Nazr Mohammed (26)

Bad pass (8); lost ball (7); offensive foul (5); traveling (3); step OB (1); offensive goaltending (1); free-throw lane violation (1).

G Daequan Cook (16)

Step OB (7); bad pass (6); offensive foul (2); traveling (1).

G Derek Fisher (15)

Bad pass (11); lost ball (2); offensive foul (1); lost-ball turnover (1).

G Eric Maynor (11)

Bad pass (7); lost-ball turnover (2); discontinued dribble (1); step OB (1).

G Royal Ivey (9)

Bad pass (5); traveling (2); offensive foul (1); step OB (1).

C Cole Aldrich (9)

Lost ball (4); bad pass (3); 3-second violation (1); lost-ball turnover (1)

F Lazar Hayward (9)

Bad pass (6); lost ball (1); offensive foul (1); traveling (1)

F Ryan Reid (1)

Bad pass (1).

Glossary: Bad pass (pass results in change of possession); lost ball (lost possession); lost-ball turnover (lost ball goes out of bounds); offensive foul (foul resulting in change of possession); step OB (players steps out of bounds with possession of ball); free-throw lane violation (entering lane too soon with teammate at free-throw line); discontinued dribble (palming); jump-ball violation (tapping ball too soon). Self-explanatory: 3-second violation; backcourt violation; traveling; double-dribble; offensive goaltending; illegal screen.

Source: NBA/stats


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