OKC Thunder: Thoughts on Thunder crowd

Readers comments from our online survey last week
Compiled by John Rohde, Staff Writer Published: March 12, 2012

The following were among the comments posted to our online survey last week:

“For a pair of OU or OSU football season tickets — six games at least — I can get a pair of Thunder season tickets cheaper, and that's for 41 games. Which is a better value? … hmmm.” – Joe

“The OKC Thunder has brought something to OKC that is irreplaceable. We were known for the (Murrah Building) bombing and the (May 3, 1999) F5 tornado. Those events will never be forgotten, but (the) Thunder has brought something very positive to this state. I would hope that the loud home crowd helps spur the team on, it would certainly seem so." – Tracy

“I feel that without the Thunder crowd, there wouldn't be nearly as much hype, and going to Oklahoma City would be a lot easier. Keep it up all you Thunder fans. The team needs us.” – Tommy

“The Thunder is worth supporting because these guys are easy to root for. The players are hardworking, high character, classy guys who give back to the community. They are great role models, they are endearing and they are growing up before our eyes, much like OKC is to the rest of the world.” – Brandon

“I must admit when we first got the team, I was a bit worried about how it would be corporately managed. But, wow, our team owners and organization have more (than) proven their quality leadership. We should be very proud of our team's ownership and management group. They are widely viewed as one of the best in the league. … What can you say about our fans? Simply the best.” – TJ

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