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OKC Thunder: What they're saying about Game 2

FROM STAFF REPORTS Published: May 21, 2014

* Desmond Mason, former NBA/Oklahoma State player (via Twitter): “Guard the damn 3 pt line.”

* Reggie Miller, TNT analyst: “Marv, this is target practice for Danny Green. Right now, he feels like he’s in the gym by himself.”

* Eddie Radosevich, writer: “Thabo Sefolosha enters a place on Twitter few have gone before. Most notably: Travis Ford, Patrick Beverly, any OU off. coord., Landry Jones.”

* Mason (via Twitter): “Just for reference, this has nothing to do with Serge (Ibaka)! Serge couldn’t help this. SA is on fire and we (can’t) get or make shots. Bad mix.”

* Gary Parrish, CBS basketball writer (via Twitter): “By the way … the reason OKC (stinks) so much w/o Serge Ibaka is the same reason OKC decided to keep Serge Ibaka instead of James Harden.”

* Thunder Obsessed Twitter page: “Serge Ibaka is watching this at home just pounding protein shakes and doing calf raises.”