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Oklahoma basketball: Romero Osby takes leadership seriously

Sooner senior learned how to lead from his father and grandfather. But having a child of his own took it to a new level.
BY STEPHANIE KUZYDYM, Staff Writer, Published: January 15, 2013

Then, when Romero was a sophomore at Mississippi State, his daughter was born. He had a whole new respect for what “being a leader” meant.

“I learned my leadership from becoming a dad,” Romero said. “And from my dad and my grandfather.”

Daryl sees his son taking what was instilled in him and applying it to his teammates.

“I expected that because of the foundations that we set with behavior and being respectful,” Daryl said. “I told him to play this game you'd have to work hard and let your teammates see that you're the last to leave and the first one to be there.”

Most days, Romero Osby is one of the last ones off the court. The last one to stretch out after weights. The last to finish his interviews.

That conversation that he had back in April 2011 with his coach still motivates him this season.

“Coach Kruger looked at me after I told him I wanted to be his leader and he said, ‘I appreciate that, but it's hard to be a leader because you've got to do it every day,' ” Romero Osby said. “I took that as a challenge. I try to come out here every day and work my behind off.”

With Osby leading the way, the Sooners are 11-3 season and 2-0 in the Big 12. The senior forward leads the team in scoring, rebounding, field-goal percentage and blocked shots.

“I want to bring this university back to winning games,” Romero said. “And restore the pride and tradition that everybody is used to.”