Oklahoman Published: April 2, 2009

At stake: Senate Bill 834 would give local school districts the power to decide what state standards they want to adopt. That could include how teachers are hired and fired, and class size guidelines. It would keep some standards in place, such as minimum salary schedule, teacher certifications and graduation requirements.

What happened: Passed the House Common Education Committee, 9-5.

What’s next: Goes to the full House.

At stake: Senate Bill 1103 would state a pregnant woman is legally justified in using deadly force if she "reasonably believes” an attacker is "threatening her unborn child” and "use of force or deadly force are immediately necessary to protect her unborn child.”

What happened: Passed the House, 95-0.

What’s next: Goes back to the Senate.

At stake: Senate Bill 794 would require the Department of Human Services to publish a report on unsuccessful adoptions similar to its public reports on successful adoptions. The agency would report on all adoptions that dissolve after the adoption is finalized and before the child reaches 18 years of age.


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