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Oklahoman Published: May 14, 2009

At stake: House Concurrent Resolution 1028 claims Oklahoma’s sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution. The resolution seeks to remind Congress of its limited powers.

What happened: Passed Senate.

What’s next: Resolution will be sent to President Barack Obama and Congress.

At stake: Senate Bill 268 gives several options for schools on the "needs improvement” list for four consecutive years. They include reopening the school as a public charter school; replacing all or most of the staff assigned to the school, which may include the principal; entering into a contract with a private management company; or turning the operation of the school over to the state.

What happened: Signed by governor.

What’s next: Takes effect immediately.

At stake: House Bill 1676 moves most of the employees of the state’s Criminal Justice Resource Center to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.