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Oklahoma budget cuts affect subsidies

BY JULIE BISBEE Published: December 27, 2009

/> Any reduction in state dollars for health care means a loss of $3 in federal dollars, Gomez said.

Those federal dollars won’t be used by another state, but will simply sit until Oklahoma increases its state fund match again, Gomez said.

At the Transportation Department, which receives about $450 million in federal funds each year, officials are cutting travel and overtime in an effort to keep funds for programs with federalmatches, said Mike Patterson, the department’s chief financial officer.

While federal dollars aren’t in danger yet, further cuts could make it difficult for the state to cash in at the end of the federal fiscal year when unused transportation funds are re-distributed, Patterson said.

"We won’t know the impact (of state budget cuts) until fall,” he said.

By leveraging state funds in some years, Oklahoma has received as much as $32 million in federal funds for transportation projects.