Oklahoma business leaders offer Obama economic advice

FROM STAFF REPORTS Modified: November 6, 2008 at 10:07 am •  Published: November 6, 2008

ose are good policies that would help get our economy back on track. In particular, natural gas is our cleanest-burning fuel, and we have abundant natural gas resources. We need to avoid policies that prevent us from developing those. Our industry spends 100 percent of its cash flow drilling wells. Any windfall profit taxes or cap and trade systems that would take capital away from the industry would cause less drilling for oil and natural gas, and that would mean higher oil, natural gas and electricity prices for the consumer. That obviously would have a very bad effect on the economy.”

Larry Nichols, chairman and chief executive of Devon Energy Corp.

He can inspire grassroots, comprehensive, sustainable, health care bill that will help secure the financial future of our country and its citizens. I hope he can inspire those who can pay more to feel good about paying higher taxes and those who can’t pay more to feel good about expecting fewer benefits from government programs.”

Troy E. Jones, president Access Financial Resources Inc.

As for the new administration and Congress, we would welcome an opportunity to educate them, to talk with them about our industry. I think it would be good to enter into a dialogue about the contributions the industry has made and continues to make on a variety of fronts.”

Mike Terry, president, Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association

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