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Oklahoma City 2013: MAPS 3 progress critical to voter confidence

With all but one of the MAPS 3 projects entering the construction phase in 2013, progress and communication will be key for Oklahoma City leaders looking to maintain voter confidence.
BY ZEKE CAMPFIELD Published: December 17, 2012

City Public Works Director Eric Wenger, who preceded Todd as MAPS director and worked on the original programs, said he thinks project developers have learned to be realistic and honest in developing the budget, scope and schedule for each of the proposals.

“We've got those who were here originally that are still advising using best practices, using previous experiences, to make sure it's successful — and it's not just one or two people, it's a core group,” he said. “We built all the processes in MAPS 1 that are actually still used today.”

Balancing expectations

Mayor Mick Cornett said the dance of developing such a massive public improvements project requires balancing the expectations of the public with the guidance of experts.

Where city planners might be focused on the pedestrian potential of the proposed boulevard, for example, city engineers are concerned about the ease of getting traffic into and out of downtown.

In any case, Cornett said, Oklahoma City residents have become used to the process.

“They're patient, they're waiting for these projects to open up, and they're basing their expectations on the projects before,” he said. “The key is to ultimately meet their expectations, not to meet their expectations in 2013.”