Oklahoma City biotech firm to begin sickle cell anemia drug trial

Selexys Pharmaceuticals Corp. is ready to begin testing its sickle cell disease drug with patients.
FROM STAFF REPORTS Published: August 20, 2013

Sickle cell anemia results in abnormally shaped red blood cells, which get stuck inside the blood vessels. That makes it difficult for those cells to deliver oxygen throughout the body, causing severe pain and harming organs, muscles and bones.

“Data from preclinical sickle cell disease models suggest that blockade of P-selectin effectively prevents the painful stoppage of circulation in small blood vessels called vasoocclusion and maintains patent blood flow,” said Selexys Executive Vice President Dr. Russell Rother. “Results from our recently completed Phase I study indicate that SelG1 is well tolerated in healthy human subjects.

“We now look forward to investigating its safety and efficacy in the sickle cell disease patient population.”

With the limited therapies available to patients with sickle cell disease, this trial with a novel P-selectin inhibitor is particularly exciting.”

Dr. Kenneth Ataga,
Lead investigator and a professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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