Oklahoma City boy’s abuse claims prompt two arrests


/> Detectives interviewed McCall and Hamilton, whom McCall identified as her best friend, at police headquarters before arresting them on the abuse and neglect charges, Knight said.

"He was there off and on,” Knight said of Hamilton. "He’s a transient with no permanent address, and there’s no romantic involvement between him and McCall. He was there on a regular basis and actually a participant in some of the abuse.”

McCall has seven other children, six of whom are minors, Knight said. The victim and other minor children are in state Department of Human Services custody. The other children do not show signs of abuse, Knight said.

‘I never even knew’
McCall’s eldest daughter, who is 18, answered the door at the apartment Monday morning. She said she did not want to talk about what happened.

According to the complex’s leasing records, McCall and her children moved in on Aug. 12, a day after court records show they were evicted from the Hillcrest Apartments on S Youngs Boulevard.

Karen Gilleland, Hillcrest manager, said she was shocked Saturday when police came asking about McCall, who had lived there six to seven months.

"I never even knew she had a 14-year-old,” Gilleland said. "I saw all the other ones, but I never saw that one.”

She said she’d been in the apartment often because McCall’s unit had frequent plumbing issues, and she’d noticed that McCall always kept the upstairs bedroom doors shut. She recalled a time, shortly before the eviction, when she went to the apartment about 7 p.m.

"I saw her take a plate of food up to the bedroom, but she only opened the door about this much,” Gilleland said, holding her palms about a foot apart. "But I have no idea who was in there.”

McCall was evicted Aug. 11 because of the repeated maintenance problems, Gilleland said.

"They kept stopping up the toilet,” she said, "so the last time, I sent them the bill. She couldn’t afford both the rent and the plumbing.”

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