Oklahoma City FOP president: Long past time to add police officers

BY JOHN GEORGE Published: January 11, 2013

Oklahoma City can easily justify an additional 250 police officers. If we see this as an investment in our community, rather than as another expansion of tax-supported government, it will pay dividends in increased safety, crime reduction, quicker 911 response times and less hazard in traffic accidents.

We have an excellent police department. Our officers are professional, well-trained and highly committed to protecting our citizens. Police work is carried out around the clock and with no holidays. Just as criminals don't work solely from 9 to 5, neither can we. But we simply don't have enough officers to do the job.

Oklahoma City's leaders need to act — now. This investment would pay dividends in safer neighborhoods, less burnout among officers, reduced crime and a positive image for our business community. This is an investment we must make to ensure our safety and our future.

George is president of the Oklahoma City Fraternal Order of Police.