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Oklahoma City frog exhibit opening coincides with Leap Day

Seven new frogs will be added to the Oklahoma City Zoo's collection in a display that opens today.
BY MATT PATTERSON Published: February 29, 2012

“Dogs can breed when they want,” reptile and amphibian supervisor Jorge Chavez said. “Some frogs are like that, too, but for a lot of them it has to be the right time and right season and temperature. Everything has to be perfect. It's difficult to recreate that.

“We think by housing them in a single room we can better control those factors,” Chavez said.

Leaping ahead

Leap Day is part of the Leap Ahead of Extinction program at several zoos across the United States and internationally. Sekscienski said amphibians are valuable to the environment for a number of reasons.

“It has been estimated that a population of a thousand cricket frogs could consume almost 5 million insects in a year,” she said. “In places where amphibians have been completely wiped out, there are increases in insect population that can damage crops.”

And beyond those reasons, Chavez said, frogs are fun.

“They're unique and interesting,” he said. “It's hard not to like them, or find something interesting about them.”