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Oklahoma City neighborhoods evacuated after flooding

Floodwaters poured into more than 40 homes in two north Oklahoma City neighborhoods Monday morning, prompting a massive evacuation effort involving boats, jet skis and more than a dozen Oklahoma City firefighters.

BY RANDY ELLIS Published: June 15, 2010

"I didn't think it was going to get in the house and all of a sudden it was coming in the front door, not the back,” he said.

"All the contents are damaged. The wood floor is buckled and the carpet floated up.”

Reid said he called his insurance company, only to discover he didn't have flood insurance.

"It's going to be at our expense,” he said. "Only our cars are covered, and they're damaged, too. I had a box of family pictures I've been meaning for a long time to get in an album and those got soaked, but we're all OK here. We're all going to make it.”

Next door, at 17313 Sun River Court, Charles Hill of Idabel said he was caring for his young granddaughter, Grace, while his daughter and son-in-law were vacationing in Mexico.

"We got 17 inches of water inside this house here,” he said. "The total downstairs is nothing but muddy water.”

Hill said he tried to carry what he could upstairs, but the water came up too fast.

"I'm taking the baby and we're heading back to Idabel,” he said.

Hill said his daughter and son-in-law plan to finish their vacation. When they return, Hill said he will return with the baby to help clean.

Neighbors John Hiser and Beth Turner of 17317 and 17401 Sunny Hollow Road, respectively, said they were stunned at how quickly the waters rose.

Hiser said the water was up to his knees when he started trying to get his three dogs and two cats out of his house and up to his waist a few minutes later when he finally succeeded in slipping them out a side door.

"I couldn't go out the front door. I couldn't go out the back because it was rushing too hard,” he said. "The water coming through there was like nothing I had ever seen before. We moved to Oklahoma 21/2 years ago. The only thing I ever worried about was tornadoes. ... Never in a million years did I think I would be worrying about a flood in this neighborhood.”

Hiser was upset to find a crate of his tools missing, apparently stolen after the floodwaters subsided.

Trish Kuper, whose children were at vacation Bible school when the flood hit, said she rushed to her Palo Verde subdivision home and broke into her house to save her dog.

"She was on my bed and I thought she was dead,” said Kuper.

Holman, the neighborhood president, said he witnessed Kuper's dash to save her dog.

"She had that motherly instinct in her eyes,” Holman said. "I would have hated to get in her way.”



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