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Oklahoma City school superintendent will have performance goals in his new contract

The Oklahoma City School Board voted to rehire Superintendent Karl Springer for three years. His new contract will have specific, measurable goals he must meet, and the board is expected to hash out the details of those goals in the coming weeks.
BY CARRIE COPPERNOLL Published: March 11, 2013

“If they have somebody they have confidence in, it's a way to keep them around and not have somebody come in and recruit them away,” Crawford said. “ ... Most initiatives that a superintendent would bring to a school district are more than one-year initiatives. It allows continuity.”

But outlining specific performance measures is becoming more common in superintendent contracts in Oklahoma and nationwide, Crawford said.

“There's a movement to use performance pay at all levels, so it's a way of saying that if we're doing that for teachers and others, why wouldn't we do that for administration?” he said. “And if you're moving in that direction, why wouldn't you do it there first? It's a way of setting targeted goals and trying to reach them.”