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Oklahoma City Superfund sites closely monitored, regulated

By Dusty Sommers, Staff Writer Published: October 10, 2010

/> These guidelines include groundwater safety near the site and whether proper containment procedures are being followed, Thompson said.

The East Oak Landfill once accepted waste from the Double Eagle Superfund site, said East Oak Landfill engineer Guy Campbell, but not anymore.

The proximity of East Oak to the Mosley Road Superfund site is a unique situation, Thompson said.

The Department of Environmental Quality essentially considers the two as one site, and the groundwater monitoring network set in place surrounds both facilities, Thompson said.

The Mosley Road site is scheduled to be removed this year from the National Priorities List, the EPA's list of the most hazardous toxic waste sites.

The site will still be regulated by the agency and subject to five-year inspections, but will lose the Superfund label, Torres said.

“We're trying to remove the stigma,” he said. “We try to get these sites back into the stream of commerce as much as we can.”