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Oklahoma City Thunder: A year-by-year look at Kevin Durant's rise to MVP

Kevin Durant finally got over the hump this year, but it’s an honor that’s been brewing for a half-decade. Let’s look at his rise, year-by-year for the past five seasons.
by Anthony Slater Published: May 13, 2014

2. Kevin Durant: 889 points (24)

3. Chris Paul: 385 points (6)

4. Kobe Bryant: 352 points (2)

5. Tony Parker: 331 points (4)

Explanation: The spectacular scoring numbers had always been there. But this is when Durant experienced a noticeable bump in efficiency. After never shooting better than 47 percent, Durant bumped that clip up to nearly 50. He was taking smarter shots and making a lot more. This was the closest he got to an MVP before finally winning it in 2013-14.


MVP top five

1. LeBron James: 1,207 points (120 first-place votes)

2. Kevin Durant: 765 points

3. Carmelo Anthony: 475 points (1)

4. Chris Paul: 289 points

5. Kobe Bryant: 184 points

Explanation: His defense continued to get better. His improved playmaking was on full display, with a career-high in assists. And his efficiency was at a historic rate, becoming only the sixth player ever to join the 50-40-90 club. But MVP-wise, Durant’s marked improvements in all areas were all for naught. LeBron’s career year trumped Durant’s, highlighted by a legendary 27-game win streak. This award was always his.


MVP top five

1. Kevin Durant: 1,232 points (119 first-place votes)

2. LeBron James: 891 points (6)

3. Blake Griffin: 434 points

4. Joakim Noah: 322 points

5. James Harden: 85 points

Explanation: Durant’s spectacular play and steady improvements were finally paired with the proper circumstances. Because of Russell Westbrook’s injury issues, Durant was forced to shoulder a heavier load. And he responded, leading the Thunder to 59 wins and putting together the best stretch of his life during a 15-2 mid-January stretch without Westbrook. James didn’t lose this award. Durant took it.

By Anthony Slater