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Oklahoma City Thunder: Evaluating Kevin Durant's season

The Oklahoman's staff writers discuss three questions about Kevin Durant's season.
by Darnell Mayberry Published: May 23, 2013

Tramel: I learned that even Durant can get frustrated. Durant's production decreased the longer he played without Westbrook. Part of that was going against Memphis, which is a defensive Doberman. And Durant started letting it get to him. But he was noble in trying to carry the Thunder. He gave it a go.

3. What's the one area of Durant's game that needs to improve most for next season?

Mayberry: Ball-handling. Durant had a career-high 280 turnovers this season, half of which seemed to stem from getting stripped or simply losing the ball on the way up. Becoming stronger with the ball could do wonders for Durant's game and the team's ability to maximize possessions.

Rohde: Handle the ball better in traffic. Be more powerful with your dribble. Make your hands stronger or something. It's been a problem since he entered the league.

Tramel: You know what would elevate Durant into the pantheon of absolutely scary? Offensive rebounding. KD is a great defensive rebounder but doesn't do a lot on the offensive boards. If he became an offensive rebounding fiend — which he's certainly capable — then Durant could get some really easy buckets, to go with the somewhat-easy buckets he creates for himself.