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Oklahoma City Thunder: Grading Perry Jones III's 2013-14 season

His 3-point shooting was great. His mid-range game needs work. But the tools appear to be there.
by Darnell Mayberry Published: June 13, 2014

Rebounding: D. This goes back to Jones’ energy and effort. He has ideal size and world-class athleticism, yet he didn’t make a dent in the rebounding department. The raw numbers say he averaged 1.8 rebounds, which is just 0.2 more than he did last season despite averaging five fewer minutes. But his rebounding percentage, an estimate of the percentage of available rebounds a player grabbed during his court time, dropped on both the offensive and defensive ends. His total rebounding percentage fell from an encouraging — although perhaps misleading given his hefty garbage-time minutes — 12.7 last year to 8.4 this year. By comparison, Russell Westbrook, coming off of three knee surgeries, posted a rebounding rate of 10.5.

Finishing ability: A. No complaints about Jones here. He shot 63.2 percent at the rim this season, up from 57.1 percent as a rookie. He worked his way to the rim by running the floor in transition and, more impressively, by reading and reacting to the defense and demonstrating impeccable timing as a cutter in halfcourt sets. Once at the rim, Jones was a handful thanks to his size and athleticism.