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Oklahoma City Thunder: How OKC's players have been developing without Russell Westbrook

How selected Thunder players have fared with and without Russell Westbrook in the lineup.
by Berry Tramel Published: February 16, 2014


Analysis: Collison is that rare Thunder player whose minutes have gone down without Westbrook. But Nick the Consistent plays the same no matter what.


Analysis: Perkins' playing time has risen in Westbrook's absence, mainly because he's playing much better. His rebounding is up 2.5 per game (was Russ grabbing rebounds away from Perk?) and his defense has been excellent. Without Westbrook, the Thunder is more susceptible to the pick'n roll, requiring more minutes from Perkins.


Analysis: Fisher is playing a little more in Westbrook's absence, 1.7 additional minutes per game. But Fisher's involvement is way up. He's gone from 3.5 usages a game to 6.6. His points are up 3.7 per game, to 6.6. Only Durant has had a bigger jump, but KD plays more than twice as much as does Fisher. His shooting percentage has improved dramatically, his assists have been more than doubled. Turns out, Fisher's leadership comes through in more than just locker room presence and sideline talks.


Analysis: Jones' playing time has doubled without Westbrook. His production has not. But Jones did show he can help out and play some defense, if needed. Jones' playing time figures to drop back when Westbrook returns, because Scotty Brooks isn't likely to go with an 11-man rotation.


Analysis: Adams' playing time has decreased. Is that because he's hit the rookie wall, or has Westbrook's absence impacted Adams? The noticeable need for Perkins' defense rather than Adams' might make us rethink how valuable is Westbrook's defense.