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Oklahoma City Thunder: Kevin Martin talks free agency, fitting in with Thunder

In a Q&A with The Oklahoman, Kevin Martin discussed the things that are important to him and how he envisions his first taste of unrestricted free agency playing out.
by Darnell Mayberry Published: March 24, 2013

How do you find that balance or walk that line of the competitor in you wanting to do more versus going elsewhere and doing more and maybe getting paid more but perhaps not being on as good a team?

I think that's where it just comes down to, what would you be happy with? And I love being a major piece on a championship-caliber team. I'm enjoying the ride.

What do you know about the free agency process, what do you expect it to be like and how long do you think you'll take to make a decision?

I guess that time for any player — especially one in my position where teams may still see me as a guy that can carry an offensive load for any team; and I still feel like I can score 20 just by waking up — is interesting. But it'll be fun also. Hopefully it's over as soon as possible and I'll be in a place where I'll want to be and where a team will want me.

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Historically with this franchise, guys have had to sacrifice something, whether it's minutes or money. How familiar are you with that, and do you feel like that might be something you would have to do just because of who else is on this team?

That's a perfect question. You understand that this organization is held to a higher standard and if you want to be in a championship environment you have to sacrifice things. It says a lot about this organization that it's had two elite shooting guards that put their egos aside even though we could start for probably 25 other teams in this league.

When you look around the locker room, there is a lot of youth that the team intends to develop. What factor does that play into how things might play out this summer?

I just play my game. They know what kind of player I am and how I fit in here with these guys. We're great teammates. They're young guys and I'm just trying to help them get better as young players. Ultimately, that's going to help us at the end of the road.