Oklahoma City Thunder: Why LeBron James' decision shows that OKC fans should embrace Kevin Durant's loyalty

by Jenni Carlson Published: July 11, 2014

Kevin Durant throws up the Hook ’Em Horns hand signal, and Oklahomans groan.

He gets away with it because, hey, he’s Kevin Durant, but most Thunder fans would just as soon he knock it off. Plenty of them cheer for the Sooners or the Cowboys, too, and those Longhorns are no-good so-and-sos.

But on the day that LeBron James announced he was going back to Cleveland, I have some advice for Thunder fans: embrace the fact that KD throws up the horns.

The reason?

It’s an indication that Durant is a loyal dude.

He spent roughly 17 minutes at Texas — OK, it was actually a year — but he’s as dyed in the burnt orange wool as they come. He goes back to Austin all the time. He travels to Texas games whenever he has the chance. He reps the Horns even when his current address would suggest against it.

If he’s that loyal to UT, imagine how tied he feels to OKC.

He’s been in Oklahoma City way longer than he was in Austin, and his years here have been formative ones. He’s become a man here. He’s become an icon here. This isn’t the place where Durant was born or raised, but he clearly feels a connection.

by Jenni Carlson
Jenni Carlson, a sports columnist at The Oklahoman since 1999, came by her love of sports honestly. She grew up in a sports-loving family in Kansas. Her dad coached baseball and did color commentary on the radio for the high school football...
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