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Oklahoma county land sales

Published: July 20, 2013

Henry F. Featherly III from Chet Walters Homes Inc., 1508 NW 172, $328,000.

Keri Beth Stewart and Erik John Murrey from Justin R. and Jennifer N. Davis, 16328 Dustin Lane, Edmond, $325,000.

Sean R. and Jamie B. Tucker from Manchester Elite Homes LLC, 14916 Stone Manor Drive, $315,000.

Daniel B. and Shelley K. Gold from Divine Investments LLC, 3233 Garden Hill Drive, Edmond, $300,000.

Gary and Stacy S. Stegman from Randall Gentry Homes LLC, 560 Silver Tree Circle, Choctaw, $300,000.

$299,999 to $200,000

Alison Manger and Brian Smith from McCaleb Homes Inc., 4716 October Drive, Edmond, $299,000.

Jeffrey and Jennifer Kussman from Eduardo and Traci E. Prieto, 5805 NE 107, $298,000.

Philip W. McMahan, trustee of the Philip W. McMahan Living Trust, from Seagull Fine Homes Inc., 5624 NW 130, $295,500.

Yi Chen from Tyler E. and Emily R. Pomeroy, 1920 Oaks Way, $295,000.

Derrick Henry and Julia Lynn Bergfeld from Taber Built Homes LLC, 8600 NW 125, $290,000.

Bret E. Weber and Zhesi Chen from Ideal Homes of Norman LP, 18201 Cristobal Blvd., Edmond, $286,000.

Russell C. and Jeanine L. Ridener from McGregor Homes LLC, 4925 October Drive, Edmond, $284,500.

Allison N. Barnes Irrevocable Trust from Nathan and Chandra Shaw, 1500 Glen Cove Drive, Edmond, $278,000.

Aaron T. Taylor from Taber Built Homes LLC, 5809 Lindhurst Road, Edmond, $278,000.

Vicki L. Garber from Ronald T. Jr. and Elizabeth B. Shinn, 11800 Blue Sage Road, $274,500.

William Oliver and Karen Lynn Petrie from Mary S.H. Anderson, 1349 NW 168, $270,000.

Alan D. Matthews and Jeanne W. Scott from Weichert Relocation Resources Inc., 5412 NW 107, $266,000.

Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. from Barry L. and Teresa Tarman, 5412 NW 107, $266,000.

Jack R. and Ruth Ann Byers from Lifestyle Developers LLC, 10317 Chianti Circle, $262,000.

Andrew L. and Heather Michelle Messer from James Hunter Vest, 1811 Drakestone Ave., $262,000.

James Michael Milligan from Ronald G. and Joy D. Cox, 3409 NW 46, $260,000.

Stan or Ginger Wilkins, trustees of the Wilkins Family Trust, from Tracy Ann Miller, 8505 NW 68 Terrace, $256,500.

Timothy M. and Suzan E. Bunson from Greg and Julie M. Brown, 600 NW 193, $250,000.

Steven Christopher Cramer from Taber Built Homes LLC, 15101 Western Vista Drive, Edmond, $250,000.

Daniel T. Barbey and Amy R. Monn from William J. and Mandy E. Godfrey, 201 NW 40, $250,000.

Jimmy D. and Shannon M. Martin from Two Structures LLC, 21184 Morning Song Drive, Edmond, $249,000.

Keith T. Coffindaffer from Cathy Pettijohn and William Ryan Russell, 1108 Belford Ave., $247,500.

John Kenneth and Jordan Davidson from Allen Style Homes LLC, 7013 NW 161, $246,000.

Charles E. and Cathy J. Brodt from Laura K. Bode Revocable Living Trust, 909 Posados Drive, Edmond, $244,000.

Leevell Pledger from Treasure Built Homes Inc., 7600 Deer Meadows Drive, $243,000.

Mary Linyard Henning from Sunset Fine Designer Homes LLC, 10326 Sunset Blvd., $242,000.

Christopher C. and Tara D. Pace from Allen Style Homes LLC, 7020 NW 160, $241,000.

Joseph V. and Suyapa Carroll from James A. Bryan, 2801 Stafford Road, Edmond, $240,000.

Lacy Brummal from Karol and Christopher Mitchell, 3201 Orchard Ave., Edmond, $240,000.

Dave D. Masias from James Lucas and Tabitha Kay Stone, 16001 Harts Mill Road, Edmond, $239,000.

Andrea M. and Tyler W. Hancock from Logan and Jacci Gantz, 925 E 11th St., Edmond, $235,000.

Sirva Relocation Properties LLC from Michael Scott and Kimberly Dawn Morris, 1904 Marked Tree Circle, Edmond, $235,000.

David L. Ball from Sirva Relocation Properties LLC, 1904 Marked Tree Circle, Edmond, $235,000.

Rebekkah Brassfield from Remington Builders Inc., 8901 SW 53 Court, $235,000.

Christopher M. and Mary C. Scaperlanda from David W. and Layna M. Tedford, 431 NW 22, $235,000.

Peggy Anderson from Steven Douglas and Kristi R. Elliott, 1833 Redland Drive, Edmond, $233,000.

Steve L. and Jama S. Shoemaker from Ideal Homes of Norman LP, 18517 Las Meninas Drive, Edmond, $233,000.

National Residential Nominee Services Inc. from Seth L. and Mackenzie A. Howard, 2800 Ashecroft Drive, Edmond, $231,500.

Robert T. Drum from National Residential Nominee Services Inc., 2800 Ashecroft Drive, Edmond, $231,500.

Vernon and Marie A. Walker form Allen and Mary P. Conley, 16809 Ventana Blvd., Edmond, $229,000.

James Velletta from Stephan M. Blevins, 6317 Bentley Drive, $224,500.

Timur R. Barakhoev and Natalya Kamenchshikova from Jonathan and Denise Elizabeth Benzer, 15909 San Miguel Circle, Edmond, $221,000.

Calvert Real Estate West Edmond LLC from Makeda Properties Inc., 4520 N Harvey Parkway, Units A-D, $220,000.

John R. and Jamie K. Wedlake from Engel E. Grow, trustee of the Engel E. Grow Revocable Trust, and Beverly J. Grow, trustee of the Beverly J. Grow Revocable Trust, 3224 Sand Plum Lane, Edmond, $220,000.

Ryan K. and Stephanie L. Johnson from Ideal Homes of Norman LP, 18444 Las Meninas Drive, Edmond, $217,500.

Duane Edward and Elizabeth Ann Cook from The Fountains at Hidden Creek LLC, 5513 NW 128, $216,000.

Feng Zhao and Yan Qin Jiang from Heartland Homes LLC, 2404 NW 175, $216,000.

SG Homes IX LLC from Timbercraft Homes LLC, 8440 NW 142, $215,000.

Tiffany Tayar from Najeeb Shirwany M.D. and Mubina Gaffar M.D., trustees of the Shirwany M.D.-Gaffar M.D. Revocable Trust, 717 Milan Court, Edmond, $215,000.

SRM Leasing LLC from BCM Oklahoma LLC, property near the southeast corner of W Reno Avenue and S Morgan Road, $215,000.

Rainikant A. and Smita R. Patel from Jim Case Homes Inc.,7018 Cherokee Landing, Warr Acres, $215,000.

Gregory E. Shaffer from Casey J.K. and Alicia R. Walker, 6417 Bent Wood Drive, $213,000.

SWM & Sons Inc. from Scott C. and Shelly D. Roper, 12600 W Glen Court, Midwest City, $212,500.

Robert J. Bramble from Dean A. and Jeannie E. Couch, 3712 Spring Hill Drive, Edmond, $211,000.

Donald R. and Mary Anne Morton from Bryan Todd and Jean Marie Coyer, co-trustees of the Bryan Todd Coyer and Jean Marie Coyer Revocable Trust, 7801 Timber Creek Drive, Choctaw, $210,000.

Michael Wolf from Gudbjorg Chesnut Revocable Trust, 11912 Rosedale Drive, $210,000.

Dale R. Hazen from Robert D. and Cathy Spillers, 7117 N Lakeway Drive, Warr Acres, $210,000.

Susan A. Pate from Travis K. and Emily L. Suggs, 2625 NW 28, $210,000.

Ashley Yvette Jackson from John W. and Christy L. Ausley, 7516 NW 129, $209,000.

Randall R. and Alison Smith from David W. and Lori A. Callahan, 8101 NW 100, $209,000.

SG Homes IX LLC from Timbercraft Homes LLC, 8413 NW 143 Terrace, $209,000.

Chase M. Waldrop from Ronald F. and Dana R. Simek, 20415 SE 52, Newalla, $207,500.

John H. and Kathy D. Bass from Sooner Traditions LLC, 1624 Savannah Lane, Edmond, $207,500.

James H. Ham Jr. from Kimberly Kay Bishop, trustee of the Kimberly Kay Revocable Trust, 15212 Summit Park Drive, Edmond, $205,000.

James A. and Amanda Cromwell from Jana and Jason Cathers, 10401 Walnut Hollow Drive, $205,000.

Stonegate Resources LLC from Michael W. and Sarah M. Matthews, 4641 NW 158, $202,000.

Liliana Speed from Hawthorn village LLC, 10336 Hawthorn Drive, $200,000.

Dana Ward Jr. and Alyson Hobson from Norman Louis and Jamie J. Miller, 2647 NW 15, $200,000.