Oklahoma County land sales

Published: October 5, 2013

Land sales

Recent major sales in Oklahoma County totaled more than $43 million, according to deeds released from County Clerk Carolynn Caudill's Office. Major sales are those of $200,000 or more.

$1,000,000 or more

CRP/BG Metropolitan LLC from Garrett and Co. LLC, Bema Holdings LLC and Anthony McDermid, 101 NE 6 and 100 NE 8, and 109 NE 8, $3,253,500.

American Farmers and Ranchers Mutual Insurance Co. from TG WROB LLC, 4400 Will Rogers Parkway, Units 105, 200, 201, 202, 203, 205, 206, 207, 208, 209, 211, 212, 214, 216, 218, 222, and 300, $3,127,500.

J1K LLC from Sooner Plaza LLC, 7224 S Sooner Road, $1,450,000.

Robert and Sarah C. Wienecke from Lisa P. Blair, trustee of the Lisa P. Blair Trust, 1908 Bedford Drive, $1,185,000.

$999,999 to $300,000

Mark N. and Mihaela Goodman from Jesse C. and Ashley R. White, 3600 NW 175, $920,000.

Gregory A. and Lisa A. Bruton from Reynolds Custom Homes Inc., 2309 Lone Oak Way, $840,000.

Donald Richard and Stephanie Sloat from Phillip T. and Angela D. Crawford, trustees of the Crawford Revocable Trust, 12300 Carriage Way, $700,000.

Henry J. and Helen K. Livingstone from DCD Holdings LLC, 10416 Chitwood Farms Road, $620,500.

Sheila Newcomb and Jason Zielke from Robert E. and Nancy N. Stockton, 4702 N Portland Ave., $610,000.

Jerald J. Gipper and Roxie Mae Albrecht from Dodson Custom Homes LLC, 9100 Paseo Del Vita, $560,000.

Derek C. and Sara K. Michael from Bill Michael Inc., 17849 Prairie Sky Way, Edmond, $525,000.

James A. and Dawn M. Johnson from Newport Companies LLC, 16229 Scotland Way, $520,000.

Raymond L. Cornelison Jr. and Linda Finch from J. Bentley Developments LLC, 3101 NW 157, Edmond, $500,000.

Kenneth D. and Karen L. Bowlware from Steven and Becky Drozd, 12116 Brookhollow Road, $489,000.

Gary Arthur and Marilyn Elizabeth Wood from Donald R. and Karen M. Resler, trustees for the Donald R. Resler Revocable Trust, 2204 NW 56, $489,000.

Keith K. and Tresha K. Wilson from Paul Kevin and Kirsten Ann Calmes, 22844 Crossfield Court, Edmond, $480,500.

Joe M. and Doli K Jones from William G. and Paula D. Presley, 17725 Opal Lane, Edmond, $457,000.

Jason S. and Lori A. Novak from Jeff A. and Charlene A. Bentley, 3316 Savoy Circle, Edmond, $431,000.

Grover Lynn Grape from The Bank of New York Mellon, 19108 Saddle River Drive, $415,000.

James L. and Sherri K. Viner from Steven and Melissa M. Kendrick, 180 Misty Morning Drive, Choctaw, $405,000.

Yolanda Wilson and Adriano Alberto Coronel from Robert P. Jr. and Shannon M. Peak, 15252 Worthington Lane, Edmond, $395,000.

Jeffrey D. and Tammy R. Robinson from Gerald and Mary M. Cockerham, 2908 Kingwood Drive, Edmond, $395,000.

Brian K. Jackson from Lisa Belinger Denny, 533 Man O War Court, Edmond, $390,000.

Thomas and Elizabeth Womble from Stephen and Donna Higginson Hall, 1817 Guilford Lane, $385,000.

Christopher S. and Krista K. Lusey from Tommy Huelskamp LLC, 616 Newport Bridge Drive, Edmond, $383,500.

Debbie L. and John B. Hamm from Custom Crafted Homes Inc., 524 War Admiral Court, Edmond, $380,000.

Terry P. and Sheri S. Taylor from McCaleb Homes Inc., 2225 Heavenly Drive, Edmond, $366,500.

Chris A. Talley from Wesley E. and Barbara B. Myers, co-trustees of the Wesley E. Myers Trust and the Barbara B. Myers Trust, 6121 N Bryant Ave., $364,500.

John D. and Stephanie M. Cable from Beacon Homes II LLC, 3205 NW 158 Terrace, $359,500.

Gary Heerwald from Kris B. and Renee L. Haynes, 3041 Wilton Lane, $357,500.

Steven and Becky Drozd from Stephen D. and Risa L. Powell, 631 NW 16, $355,000.

Verna Foust from the Robert A. Wright Revocable Trust, 1721 Deep Creek Road, $355,000.

Troy and Tina Nunn from Hollingsworth Enterprises LLC, 6517 Whispering Grove Drive, $354,000.

Janie Wright from McCaleb Homes Inc., 4908 October Drive, Edmond, $350,000.

Michael Gene and Kathy Kemp from Ana Ahluwalia and Rajesh Kumar, 504 NW 159, $350,000.

Charles R. and Julie A. Smith from George R. II and Pamela B. Schurman, 13100 Green Cedar Terrace, $338,500.

Donald R. and Ellen Renee Harriman from Marty L. and Kristi Byrd, 3944 NW 46, $336,500.

Matthew R. and Taylor M. Rison from Andre L. and Melody L. Johnson, 16240 Josiah Place, Edmond, $333,000.

Mark E. and Marta L. Patterson from Seagull Fine Homes Inc., 13144 Cottingham Road, $332,500.

Jared and Kinsey Thomas from Harry Singer and Ralph W. Crum, successor co-trustee of the Janet M. Singer Revocable Trust, 833 S Fox Run Trail, Edmond, $330,000.

Justin W. and DeVynna G. Blackwelder from Tommy Huelskamp LLC, 4640 Silver Charm, Edmond, $330,000.

Stuart N. and Laura R. Haggard from Bradford C. and Sheila M. Crow, co-trustees of the Crow Family Revocable Trust, 713 NW 42, $323,000.

Roger and Sherri Ford from Kenneth and Jan Oleson, 4908 Kennington Lane, $317,000.

Richard D. and Brenda A. McCray from McGregor Homes LLC, 4817 October Drive, Edmond, $317,000.

Michael Shellstrom from Manchester Elite Homes LLC, 14621 Exmoor Circle, $317,000.

Aaron Bull from Steven and Tiffany Rakett, 8028 Quail Roost Drive, Edmond, $307,000.

Jason Edward Richards from Jacquelyn and Christopher Glenn, 440 NW 22, $306,000.

K&A Investments LLC from Michael E. Lewis, 4300 and 4304 N Portland Ave., $305,000.

William C. and Mary Beth Smith, as trustees of the Mary Beth Smith Living Trust, from Donna Duke, 24742 N Douglas Blvd., Arcadia, $304,000.

IGG Enterprises LLC from Sam Heigle, 1239 NW 4, $300,000.

$299,999 to $200,000

Alma D. Anguiano from Monarch Properties LLC, 15525 Wood Creek Lane, Edmond, $298,000.

Steven R. and Angela S. Lane from Lorenz Heritage Homes LLC, 749 Real Quiet Circle, Edmond, $296,000.

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