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Oklahoma experts discuss bullying in schools and teen suicide during NewsOK Live hangout

Reporters Juliana Keeping and Zeke Campfield hosted a hangout Tuesday afternoon on bullying in schools and teen suicide in Oklahoma. Watch the video discussion and read user-submitted comments below.

by Juliana Keeping Modified: October 9, 2012 at 3:31 pm •  Published: October 9, 2012

Reporters Juliana Keeping and Zeke Campfield hosted a hangout Tuesday afternoon with state experts to discuss bullying in schools and teen suicide in Oklahoma. Watch the video discussion above and read user-submitted comments below.

Janet 1:35 p.m. How do you get the schools to understand they do have a problem. My son was bullied and all the Superintendent said was we do not have a bullying problem at our school. I don't know if they do not understand or they do not want to face the problem. You know when you change schools and your son tells you the first day of school that it was the best day of his life; he was 10 when this happened.
Tony 1:35 p.m. Speaking from experience from a long time ago, I can tell you that bullying has escalated to a whole new level in this electronic age. Kids are more isolated and susceptible to being convinced they are useless. In my opinion, it starts at home with the parents. This generation MUST be made to felt safe in their parents care, and have the confidence that their parents will go to any means to get the bullying stopped. On the flip side, the bully’s home life reflects what they do and how they act against others. Maybe that should be addressed first and foremost. Again, in my opinion, the PARENTS should be held accountable for any reported bullying, as I would guess the bully’s home life is filled with abuse and neglect. Am I right on spot here, or do you have a different opinion?
Janet 1:39 p.m. One of the kids did have home life issues and the other 4 kids did not have problems at home. The thing was the teachers and the superintendent all new they had problems with the one child but they would not do any thing about it. All the school would tell us is that we do not have any problems at our school.
wookin pa nub 1:40 p.m. As a former (and regretful) bully, I can tell you that punching the bully in the nose will stop the bullying.
Tony 1:42 p.m. Just because the school authorities don't HEAR about bullying does NOT mean it doesn't occur. Too many stats say otherwise. This is ludicrous that they would bury their heads in the sand without a full scale investigation.
Janet 1:44 p.m. Yes but that also get you expelled from school. We have taught our children you do not do things like that. The sad thing is we had to call the police up to the school because of how the kid was acting in a meeting with the kids and the parents and the school still said that they did not have a bullying problem.
Tony 1:45 p.m. Again, speaking from experience, let me tell you that the recognition of ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s and other behavioral issues has raised awareness from the adults, the bullies just look at a "different" peer and find an easy target.
wookin pa nub 1:45 p.m. Schools have to be responsible for the safety of the students, but isn't bullying a part of social conditioning and preparation for the outside world? Isn't that a part of the schools responsibility; how to deal with peers? How much school involvement is too much?
Tony 1:51 p.m. If it saves a kids life...or even just addresses the bully’s actions both on and off school grounds, school involvement can never be too much. None of us should say "not my problem". NONE OF US!
Tony 1:53 p.m. Why not create a task force that is universal to address bullying from start to finish, when it occurs. I mean a team that works within a set of rules that address the entire issue with proper and consistent follow up? I mean with the authority to involve law enforcement, attorneys, and the judicial system...whatever it takes to basically scare the bullies into thinking of the results before the action.
Tony 1:54 p.m. I'm sorry I'm dominating the conversation, but this takes me back to a sad time when I would have gladly taken all the help I could get. My parents could only do so much back 50 years ago.
Tiffany 1:59 p.m. Do you think we see more bullying today in schools, especially with technology and cyber bullying?
NewsOK 2:02 p.m. Here's a link to the media guide David Harris referenced:
Phyllis Bohanan 2:03 p.m. In order to help, you must know the signs of suicide Our organization trains the community in QPR - Question, Persuade and Refer which is a 90 minutes training which teaches the individual the signs as well as how to ask the question and refer them to help. Like CPR you don't have to be a professional to help someone get the help they need.
wookin pa nub 2:03 p.m. I can see how Facebook can cause drama. I've seen it result in divorce. Personally, I think people just need to remember...IT'S FACEBOOK! Delete it, move on.
Tony 2:03 p.m. Above all...pray for the victim and also the bully.
NewsOK 2:10 p.m. Thanks for participating in the conversation today. We learned a lot and hope you all did too.

We hope to see you on Wednesday for our next hangout about the development of the Oklahoma Health Center.
by Juliana Keeping
Enterprise Reporter
Juliana Keeping is on the enterprise reporting team for The Oklahoman and Keeping joined the staff of The Oklahoman in 2012. Prior to that time, she worked in the Chicago media at the SouthtownStar, winning a Peter Lisagor Award...
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