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Oklahoma football: A look inside Cody Thomas' two-sport spring

While Cody Thomas is competing for OU’s backup quarterback job, he’s also trying to fight his way into the outfield rotation for Pete Hughes’ OU baseball team.
by Jenni Carlson Published: April 5, 2014

He does lifting and conditioning with the football team, by the way. When the baseball team lifts and runs, he gets to cool his heels, a rarity this spring.

“It’s been a balancing act between the two sports,” Thomas said, “but I’ve really enjoyed it. I look forward to doing it the next three years, four years.

“I just hope to be able to get on the field in both sports.”

Opportunities have been limited in baseball. Thomas has appeared in only six games this season, though you have to wonder if he might play more once spring football is over.

As for football, playing time seems possible this fall. Kendal Thompson transferred, Blake Bell switched positions, and Trevor Knight struggled to finish games because of injury this past season. So, with the Sooners needing to solidify their backup quarterback spot, did Thomas ever consider sitting out baseball to try to cement a spot in the pecking order?

“No, that thought hasn’t come into my mind yet,” Thomas said. “I’ve been playing baseball and football my whole entire life, and I can’t see it any different right now.

“Maybe one day that will come, but right now, I’m sticking with it.”

Maybe that day will be when he’s competing to be the starting quarterback or when he’s named the starting quarterback. Maybe then he will want to focus all of his attention on football.

Maybe not.

But for the time being, Thomas is going to keep a cleat in both sports.

Teammates on both teams tell Thomas often that he’s a little crazy to do this. They know how much work one sport is, and they know that the downtime they have is usually when Thomas is doing his other sport.

“Not much free time when you’re playing both,” he said. “Baseball plays on the weekend, and that’s usually when football has off.”

He shrugged.

“But again, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love what I’m doing.”

A few minutes later, Thomas left the field for his next appointment. It was a community service event with the baseball team. He wore a baseball shirt and a backward cap. As he turned to leave, he revealed a Sugar Bowl logo on the front of the cap given to all the football players after beating Alabama.

Seems the two sports are a constant part of his life right now.

Two sports too difficult?

Not for Cody Thomas.

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