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Oklahoma football: Eric Striker's mother a continuing source of inspiration for the OU linebacker

by Jason Kersey Published: August 24, 2014

Striker said he’s never considered himself a “mama’s boy,” but describes their relationship as a very special one. He chose Oklahoma as the college football program of his dreams when he was just a freshman at Armwood High in Seffner, Fla., and said he’s never regretted moving away for this chapter of his life.

Still, the tough, fierce linebacker who wreaked havoc on Alabama’s offense in the Sugar Bowl gets a tad choked up when talking about his mother’s relentless pursuit of her goals.

“It’s wonderful,” he said. “You don’t let dreams go.”

Skelton said she beams with pride anytime she reads an article about her youngest son’s football accomplishments. She’s thrilled for the upcoming season because of what it might hold for him, but admits being a little nervous because of the sky-high expectations.

Striker, though, knows he’ll be just fine — both on the field and off it — because of everything he’s learned and continues to learn from his mom.

“I’m the person I am because of her,” Striker said. “I get my kindness from her. My humbleness from her. My relentlessness from her.

“I always try to project that image of how she raised me.”