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Oklahoma football: Inside the Mike Stoops Factor

COMMENTARY — Mike Stoops' return as defensive coordinator has produced a better prepared, less hesitant Oklahoma defense. Exhibit A was the Sooners' performance versus Texas.
by Jenni Carlson Published: October 19, 2012

What remained was drilled into the players' heads.

Granted, credit needs to go to the players for their dedication to study and film. They say more guys are spending more time preparing than the past few years. Part of that is because of the embarrassment of last season.

But part of it is Stoops.

He has taken the guesswork out of the game and put the defense in positions to be successful.

“You know we can narrow it down to what three plays they're running,” Sooner defensive tackle Jamarkus McFarland said. “You can pretty much be confident in where you're going and don't hesitate.

“People always want to look for an easy way out in a game. Like it's some kind of special formula to the game.”

It's not magic.

It's preparation.

“I think we have a completely different attitude with what we're doing on the field,” Harris said. “Guys want to make those plays.”

And they're making them.

That's a direct result of Mike Stoops. Everyone knew he'd have an impact, but even program insiders are surprised just how much he has changed things.

He hasn't dramatically overhauled the scheme, but he has drastically altered the style.

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