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Oklahoma football: Irish passes caught Sooners off guard

Defensive coordinator Mike Stoops said coaching staff didn't have “great calls on a couple” of plays and “that's our fault from a staff position.”
by Jason Kersey Published: October 28, 2012


Blake Bell didn't feel unstoppable.

But Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o said the key to not allowing Oklahoma's Belldozer package to be successful was simply to stop Bell.

Notre Dame hadn't allowed a single rushing touchdown all season, but with nine minutes remaining in the fourth quarter of the game — the Irish failed to stop Bell.

Like every game that came before Saturday's, Sooners fans watched as the Belldozer went through each of his reads to find his opening before plowing into the end zone.

“We just went in with the same mentality as every other game,” Bell said. “Do what we can do. Get the ball in the end zone or get the first down in our package.”


Junior linebacker Tom Wort, on the rest of the season after Saturday's loss:

“This team is not going to fold. I haven't seen our team fold at all. With the rest of the games left, whenever we've had a loss, we've come back stronger. It's really disappointing that we lost, but in no way is this team going to quit.”