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Oklahoma football: Jaz Reynolds says kidney injury has him playing harder, not cautiously

JAZ REYNOLDS — A severe kidney injury in the Bedlam game ended wide receiver Jaz Reynolds' 2011 season.
By RJ YOUNG, For The Oklahoman Published: March 24, 2012

What do you think about your game after the first day?

Today I was pretty rusty out there. It was pretty sloppy. I'm just working on running my routes better and getting my technique down against man coverage and making sure any pass that comes my way I catch.

What do you think about your wide receiver teammates?

Trey (Metoyer) had a good day at practice. He's still a young guy, so he has to work on his technique a little bit. But as far as the first day for a guy coming from prep school, that's pretty good. He's definitely going to be on the field in the fall.

How do you feel about Jaz hands?

At first I called it corny, but after awhile fans just kept calling me it. So it grew on me. It's a good thing. I accept it.

Interviewed by RJ Young