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Oklahoma football: Kenny Stills trying to prove himself

Former OU receiver Kenny Stills knows that his hair style and tattoos were off putting to some, but he says they're art. His father, Ken Stills Sr., says they're also a good marketing tool.
BY STEPHANIE KUZYDYM Staff Writer Published: April 25, 2013

As he got older, the father made sure he instilled confidence and leadership in his son. He said he gave Kenny a Mercedes to drive to his California high school and then to Norman.

“I wanted him to be a leader, not a follower,” Stills Sr. told The Oklahoman. He wanted Kenny to show his teammates that he was there for them and give them rides. “His mom and dad, we were two totally different people. Kenny was guided by his parents, though, whether he believes that or not.”

And Stills Sr. says his son picked up many of the attributes of both his parents — the business woman mother who works in real estate and the retired NFL player father.

One of those attributes is what his father called his “confidence.”

“There's cocky and there's confidence,” Stills Sr. said. “Many people may think that Kenny is cocky but he's not. He's confident.”

The father doesn't see the blonde Mohawk as the sign of a cocky football player.

“The art and the Mohawk are a good marketing and political tool,” Stills Sr. said.

The Mohawk made him stand out, made him memorable, along with the receptions he was making.

As for the tattoos, they may be covering the entire front of his body, but Stills Sr. said that his son doesn't have a single one on his back.

View Stills as one may, but his art stops in the name of business, and right now his business is the NFL.