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Oklahoma football: R.J. Washington happy to be on Sooner side of rivalry

R.J. Washington grew up a Texas fan just to annoy his sister, but now he's playing in his last game on the other side of the Red River Rivalry, and he's looking forward to the game — and the fair food.
COMPILED BY STEPHANIE KUZYDYM Published: October 12, 2012

Win or lose, I want my corn dogs.

I watched the game when I was little and remember seeing a fight break out between OU and Texas players. I wasn't an OU fan growing up and I remember seeing the Texas player get beat up. I was like, man, they got beat up by Oklahoma and I end up playing for Oklahoma.

I saw someone get knocked out over a corn dog at the game. I'll never forget it.

Their locker room is right there. Our locker room is right here. You have to come out and you have to look at each other. Somebody has to go first.

They were in front of us last year and we were talking so much trash right before the game.

There's somewhat of a fight that's about to happen.

You talk trash to the band, but don't get it twisted. Just because they're in the band it's not like they're not saying anything. When you walk past them, they're like, 'OU sucks!'

There's so much hostility.