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Oklahoma football: Tony Jefferson delivered good news to Jalen Saunders

Oklahoman Published: October 16, 2012

In his profile, Bell said his nickname was “White Shades,” which is a surprise since Bell is best known for his goal-line rushing package nicknamed the “Belldozer.”

So what's the story behind Bell's other nickname?

“I just had some white sunglasses, Oakleys, and all of sudden we got in the locker room and everyone was dancing around and they started calling me ‘White Shades B. Bell.'

"It kind of just stuck and basically the whole team calls me ‘White Shades.' ”


Bronson Irwin impatiently sat on the equipment box.

The trainers told him he had to be “spatted.” So he sat there and let them retape his ankle, but he said he was fine.

“It could have been broke and I still would have gone back in,” Irwin said.

Oklahoma's offensive line has already lost two to ACL injuries. When asked how his ankle felt, Irwin quickly brushed it off, saying he was fine. It was great. He was onto focusing for the next week.

Offensive lineman Adam Shead also went down during the Texas game and came out for a few plays with an injury that Irwin said is fine.

So, who was banged up worse?

“I don't know,” Irwin said. “Shead's a little softer than me.”


“Yeah, it's a joke,” Irwin said. “We go back and forth on who's softer. I'll insist that it's Shead.”


R.J. Washington made it clear that after the Red River Rivalry — he wanted his corn dog.

Well, thanks to a 63-21 rout of Texas he got his corn dog times three.

...and a turkey leg.

...and a funnel cake.

“I had a bag,” Washington said. “My mom and sister got me the two corn dogs, funnel cakes and turkey leg.

“Usually we just get on the bus and leave, but we got to stay. ... I ate all that and then went back and got another (corn dog). It's just not the same when it's cold.”

Washington explored the Texas State Fair in his Oklahoma gear with his teammates. He ran into his high school coaches and “talked a lot of trash to Texas fans.”

“I said, ‘Hey, I got a shirt and some pants in my bag. It's not too late,' ” Washington said.