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Oklahoma football: Two bold predictions about Saturday's game against Louisiana Tech

by Jason Kersey Published: August 30, 2014

NORMAN — Here is the final of our three pregame blog posts to preview Oklahoma’s game against Louisiana Tech.

Here, Ryan Aber and I each make one bold prediction for tonight’s game.

ABER: Keith Ford and Alex Ross will each top 100 yards
The game will get out of hand and Oklahoma wants to establish its ground game early on and Ford and Ross will be beneficiaries, giving the Sooners a century-club double. Ford showed the potential last year before struggling with fumbling issues. Ross had just three carries last season after picking up a personal foul on his first carry.

KERSEY: Blake Bell catches two touchdown passes in his first game as a tight end.
When OU coaches first announced that Bell would change positions to tight end, my thought was, “That’s nice.” It seemed like a solid gesture to a loyal, hard-working guy who just wanted to be a Sooner — but I never thought he would actually contribute very much at tight end.

After hearing teammates and coaches praise the job he’s done at his new position, though, I’m convinced. Bell could be just the type of player OU needs to revive the tight end position in its offense.