Oklahoma football: Welcome to My World with fullback Trey Millard

A large part of Trey Millard's success running the football comes from his background.
by Stephanie Kuzydym Published: November 2, 2012

A large part of Trey Millard's success running the football comes from his background.

He grew up playing basketball and soccer (which he said he'd be playing if he wasn't playing football). He ran track his senior year of high school but he's also part of a family that, Millard said, was athletic too.

My biological father played at a JUCO and then he played at Mizzou for, I think, two years. He blew out his knee, I think. My mom's really athletic too. I got a lot of athleticism from both of them.

Single mother.

She remarried when I was younger. Love my stepdad. Took his last name. Just have a loving family.

My family and me just grew closer over it.

It makes you grow up faster, just knowing that everybody isn't always who you think they are.

It just makes you kind of realize some of those things to just push through them no matter what.

Right now, my mom could beat me in a lot of races.

She teaches yoga and body pump. When I'm home I always go out and workout with her. She always puts me through the ringer.

She can wear you out and she does stuff before and after it sometimes I'm like, ‘Mom I got to go. We've been in here for too long.' And she's still out there working out.

The run is a huge part of our game. When the run game works, it's a lot easier for the pass game to work.

That was something that was missing from the Notre Dame game. Never had a home run. It's hard to throw the ball consistently up and down the field without big plays in the passing game. Knowing that, we definitely have to come out and execute the run game.

by Stephanie Kuzydym
Stephanie Kuzydym learned at a young age that life is a game of inches. That's just one reason why she loves football. Kuzydym joined The Oklahoman in July 2012. Before arriving in the state, Kuzydym was an intern for the sports departments at...
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