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Oklahoma football: Welcome to My World with Sooners receiver Justin Brown

COMPILED BY STEPHANIE KUZYDYM, Staff Writer, Published: November 30, 2012

I just want to be involved in sports one day. I just have a passion for sports and a passion for football, whether its doing what you're doing or looking for the next big new prospect.

Where have I learned to keep an open mind? I think it's just from me just growing up and just seeing a lot and just living.

There's so many people out there and so many different perspectives and opinions that I just like to soak it all in and give my opinion on each and every one of them and let everyone else have theirs.

I give my opinion in my own ways. I'm not very outspoken about it but you don't have to be outspoken about it all the time to get your point across.

I've always tried to take great notes. Coaches always told me the people who take the best notes and study them well, usually it transfers over to the field.

Actually somebody told me that Peyton Manning would fill a whole notebook up for one game.

I think I stay within one but I use front and back. It gets filled up pretty fast.

Everything. From new plays to d-back tendencies to notes about a certain play. To what I got to work on. Everything.

When you write it down, it helps you memorize it.

It's red. It's a notebook they gave me. They gave everybody the notebook, but I put it to use.