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Oklahoma football: Why Texas Tech isn't the 10th best team in the nation

OKLAHOMA VS. TEXAS TECH — There's plenty of good things happening out on the West Texas plains, courtesy of Kliff Kingsbury. But not that good, yet.
by Jenni Carlson Published: October 25, 2013

Listen, I'm not saying any of this to try to give Texas Tech bulletin board material — frankly, if you think any member of the media can have an appreciable impact on a game, you need to have your head examined — nor am I trying to tamp down what's happening in Lubbock. Honestly, I'm fired up that Texas Tech is back among the top teams in the Big 12. Having the Red Raiders in the lower half of the league was no fun. It's always more interesting when games on the West Texas plains are unpredictable.

The past couple years with the Red Raiders faltering, you pretty much knew what was going to happen when a better team went to Lubbock.

Nowadays, if you're heading there, you'd better make sure your chin strap is buckled. That place is a tortilla-throwing viper pit again — and I'm glad that it is.

But that doesn't mean the Red Raiders are one of the 10 best teams in the country. Frankly, if they went to a neutral field and played any of the 10 teams ranked right below them, I'd pick eight of those teams to win.

Maybe Saturday is the day Texas Tech gets the win that gives its undefeated record and lofty status legitimacy.

Until then, the Red Raiders are overrated.

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