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Oklahoma Forestry Services advises buying local firewood

Wood from other locations can spread insects, diseases, Oklahoma Forestry Services says.
Published: January 15, 2014

In brief

Local firewood is recommended

Oklahoma Forestry Services is asking Oklahomans to buy firewood near the location where they will burn it to help prevent the spread of insects and diseases that can kill trees and devastate recreation spots. “Normally, insects can't travel far, but when you haul firewood from one location to another, the insects that live inside the firewood are transported, sometimes hundreds of miles, and impact trees in the new location,” Oklahoma State Forester George Geissler said. “In some parts of the country, entire forests have been lost due to firewood movement, and we want to prevent that in Oklahoma.” One pest of particular concern for Oklahoma is the Emerald Ash borer, an insect that has destroyed tens of millions of ash trees across the nation, and has infested trees in Colorado, Kansas and Missouri. With a significant ash population, Oklahoma is at risk for an invasion of the insect, primarily through the movement of firewood into the state by campers and hunters.

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