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Oklahoma Gov. Fallin to talk again with president

Oklahoma's Republican governor is attending the National Governors Association winter meeting this weekend in Washington. It will be the second time in three months for her to meet with President Barack Obama.
BY MICHAEL MCNUTT Published: February 23, 2013

Fallin, who will become chairman of the National Governors Association in August, said she will also talk to the president about allowing the Insure Oklahoma program to expand and cover additional uninsured workers in the state.

Fallin last year rejected the Democratic president's proposals to expand the Medicaid health care program in Oklahoma to comply with the federal Affordable Care Act and to establish an online marketplace for the uninsured to shop for health insurance. Insure Oklahoma provides state funds to be matched by small businesses and their employees to buy private health insurance coverage.

“We have a waiver right now, but to comply with the rest of the Affordable Health Care Act we'd have to have another waiver,” she said.

“That would allow us to develop our own program,” Fallin said. “I know we have law that we have to comply with, but we want to have flexibility and have partnerships in our state.”