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Oklahoma growers provide fresh Christmas trees

Fresh Christmas trees are good for the Oklahoma economy and the ecosystem, Oklahoma Forestry Services Director George Geissler said.
BY MATT DINGER Published: December 12, 2011

A fresh tree should be kept away from heat and light sources such as fireplaces, heating vents and windows.

Ways to recycle

After the holidays, there are several ways to recycle a fresh tree.

“Most choose-and-cut operations will receive the trees back if the owner wants to bring them back,” Knight said.

“It makes wonderful organic matter to make new trees with. We chop it up and pile it up for a few years and we start to spread it. Black gold is what they call it,” he said.

Knight said mulch from composted recycled trees is often given away by municipalities and tree farms.

“We just have so much of it and we like to treat our customers good. If someone needs mulch, we'd be happy to give it to them,” he said.

Some fishermen put dead trees in ponds as habitats for fish, Knight said. They can also be used as a backyard habitat for birds and squirrels by applying peanut butter and bird seed to the limbs and cones, the forestry service said.

“It's a natural thing. It's not a plastic tree. It's something that you're using for what it was designed. We always try to encourage people to go that route if they can,” Geissler said.

“It helps the state's economy too. We're all for it,” Geissler said.

See a map where Oklahoma's Christmas tree growers are: Oklahoma Forestry Services