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Oklahoma gun bill stalls on term 'nonviolent'

The author of the bill agrees to do more work on his proposal after finding out that nonviolent crimes include bombing, drug trafficking and drive-by shootings.
BY MICHAEL MCNUTT Modified: February 13, 2013 at 9:32 pm •  Published: February 14, 2013

“Just because it may have that in some people's lives doesn't necessarily mean that they're a horrible, horrible person,” Russ said. “I'll be happy to pick and choose.

“My experience of looking at people's lives who may have had a run-in with these kinds of subject matters doesn't always mean these people are real scoundrels,” said Russ, who ran a similar measure three years ago.

Convicted felons, whether of a violent or nonviolent crime, are prohibited now from possessing a firearm or having one in their house or vehicle.

Russ said convicted nonviolent felons had the right to possess firearms until about 20 years ago when the law was changed. State laws don't identify nonviolent crimes, but instead states that nonviolent crimes are those that are not identified as violent crimes.

“They can never own a shotgun or a gun in their family to hunt,” he said. “They can't take their young son or daughter bird hunting. They can't hunt anyway, nor can they be in a home or a vehicle that possesses guns so their children can't have Granddad's gun handed down to them.”