Oklahoma House approves three anti-abortion measures

Two bills approved by the Oklahoma House of Representatives would make it harder for young women to receive an abortion without notifying a parent. Another bill would expand the state's abortion reporting law.
BY MICHAEL MCNUTT mmcnutt@opubco.com Published: March 13, 2013

The Republican-controlled House overwhelmingly passed three anti-abortion measures Tuesday despite warnings from a GOP member that their votes would drive Oklahoma women away from the Republican Party.

“This bill is an example of a bill that we've gone too far,” said Rep. Doug Cox, R-Grove. “It hasn't happened in Oklahoma yet but it's happened nationwide — we've gone so far in disrespecting a woman's right to determine her own destiny that women are leaving the Republican Party.

“We keep doing stuff like this over and over and over again … pretty soon we're going to start pushing the women in Oklahoma out of the Republican Party, because they're going to say those guys really don't have any respect for a woman, a woman's independence and a woman's right to determine her own destiny.”

Two measures making it harder for young women to receive an abortion without notifying a parent and a bill that would expand the state's abortion reporting law all won easy approval. All three advance to the Senate.

The House voted 80-12 to pass HB 1588, which would eliminate a provision in state law that allows young women to obtain a judge's approval to get an abortion.

HB 1588 would eliminate the judicial bypass procedure. Victims of sexual or physical abuse by a parent are exempt from having to receive parental notification before an abortion.

Rep. Jeannie McDaniel, D-Tulsa, opposed the bill, saying of the about 6,000 abortions performed annually in Oklahoma, only about 1,000 involve women younger than 18.

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