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Oklahoma hunters can start officially commenting on proposed buck limit changes Monday

The possible rule change has drawn quite a response from readers
by Ed Godfrey Published: December 1, 2012

Oklahoma sportsmen on Monday can officially begin to share their opinion on the Wildlife Department's proposal to lower the buck limit to one for the combined deer muzzleloader and gun seasons beginning next year.

The public comment period on the proposed regulation change will remain open until Jan. 11. Sportsmen can submit their comments to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation on its website at

A public hearing on proposed rule changes will be held Jan. 8 in Oklahoma City at the headquarters of the Wildlife Department, 1801 N Lincoln.

Here are some of the opinions expressed by readers of The Oklahoman on the proposal:

“I strongly believe in significant changes toward buck management. My son and I have only hunted deer for the last four years.

“In that time our trips to the taxidermists have left us scratching our heads why the rack development and age of the bucks has become noticeably smaller each year.

“A buck does not even reach sexual maturity until 2 years of age. Combine that with the stats in the article (almost half of the bucks harvested in Oklahoma are 2 ½-years-old or younger), bucks are being taken without any chance to breed.

“This is an unacceptable loss of what could be an excellent gene pool.”

Patrick Dreyer, Edmond

“I do not support the limit to one buck per muzzleloader and gun. Most hunters would love a trophy buck. Who wouldn't?

“But most also are hunting for the thrill, fun and most of all the meat. I often have years where we are lucky to see one deer, let alone harvest one. If a hunter sees a buck, let him take it.”

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