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Oklahoma is schooling the nation on early education Published: November 19, 2013

Studies demonstrate that kids who attend high-quality preschool achieve higher test scores, are less likely to go to jail and are more likely to secure good jobs with higher wages. Low-income kids of color, who are the least likely to have access to great preschools, benefit the most, according to The Washington Post.

What gets lost in the hype about K-12 education reform, and the unhealthy obsession with things like standardized tests and charter schools, are a child’s crucial early years. Research from Stanford University shows that the gap in language proficiency between low-income and high-income children starts as early as 18 months and compounds over time as poorer children enter kindergarten less prepared than their wealthier peers and find it hard to catch up.

To stand idle in the face of these facts is to allow millions of children to fall behind in school before they even start. We can do better — and Oklahoma can show us how, The Post reports.

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