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Oklahoma likes to flirt apparently

Carrie Coppernoll Modified: April 18, 2013 at 12:41 pm •  Published: April 2, 2013

In case you were wondering, this is happening:, an online dating site for the romantically adventurous, has looked at the Top 25 Liberal U.S. Cities and the Top 25 Conservative U.S. Cities [note: full list included at end of this release]. The Bar Area Center for Voting Research, a non-partisan think tank, compiled data on 237 cities with populations of at least 100,000 and ranked them each on liberal and conservative scales.

At, we defined “flirtation” as the average amount of activity by our existing members in these states (per capita, i.e., mean average per member to control for population and membership differences). The site is owned and operated by Cupid plc, with a total of 54 million members in 58 countries.


The average score for Liberal Cities was 42 (with little variation between them, the highest was 52), compared with an average of 60 for Conservative Cities. Oklahoma City scored a 57 which means it scored higher than any of the 25 liberal cities in the rankings. Why do the residents of Oklahoma City flirt more than, say, Oakland or Inglewood or San Francisco?

Is it a matter of people doing at home, online, what they wouldn’t normally do in public?
Which cities are most active on dating sites such as looked at the flirting habits and behaviors of its members in each of these 50 cities — to determine which cities had the highest score on our Flirtation Index, and to decide whether conservatives or liberals were the most adventurous and flirtatious online. The Flirt Index consisted of the number of “Winks” sent between members and the number of “Stars” for each member. We then created a score from 1-100 for each of the 50 cities on our list.

For Conservative Cities, the average score was 60. As the cities became less and less Conservative, the scores get lower. Some cities, like Provo, Allentown and Anchorage, scored exceptionally high with scores of 93, 90 and 89, respectively. Others in the Conservative Cities ranking scored much lower than the rest of the group, and sometimes lower than Liberal Cities — including Bakersfield and Huntington (both California cities).

Here are some fun facts from our rankings:

Provo, Utah: Politically Conservative, Romantically Liberal
Surprisingly, the top 5 most Conservative Cities — Provo, Lubbock, Abilene, Hialeah, and Plano — had higher flirting rates than the top 5 Liberal Cities, including Detroit, Gary, Berkeley, Washington, D.C. and Oakland. The #1 most conservative city in America, Provo, Utah, ranked #1 as the highest flirting rate of all cities, liberal or conservative. As the third largest city in Utah, it lies just south of Salt Lake City, with a population of 112,000 highly flirtatious people (online, that is). Home to Brigham Young University, operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, this is one conservative city. But, when it comes to flirting online, they rank #1.

Anchorage: Cold Weather, Warm Hearts
While Conservative Cities score high, some cities stand out. Anchorage breaks away from the pack with a score of 90: Is it the cold weather? With an average low of 17F in March, it’s no wonder online daters are flirting away and spending time indoors. Of course, Provo might have the same excuse with an average low of 33F in March. Guess it’s the cold weather trumps conservatism when it comes to flirting.

Texas-Sized Flirtation: Vote with Their Hearts?
3 out of top 5 conservative cities are found in Texas. Each of these Conservative Cities scores exceptionally high on the Flirtation Index. In general, why such high flirtation rates in Conservative Cities like Provo, Lubbock, Abilene, Hialeah and Plano? Texas outranks all other states, and there are no Texas states on the Liberal City list.

North vs. South: Conservative California Flirts More Than Liberal California
28% of the most Conservative List includes cities from California, including Bakersfield, Orange, Escondido, Garden Grove, Simi Valley, Corono and Huntington Beach. Yet, most of these cities rank pretty high in terms of our Flirtation Index, compared to the more liberal California cities from the Liberal List, including Oakland, Inglewood, San Francisco and others. Keep in mind that 40% of the top 10 liberal cities are found in California, including Berkeley, Oakland, Inglewood and San Francisco.

Huntington and Bakersfield: The Biggest SoCal Exceptions
Why does Huntington score the lowest out of any Conservative City on the list? With a score of 23, Huntington’s beautiful weather year-round might be to blame in the largest beach city in conservative Orange County California. Known for it’s 8.5-mile stretch of sandy beach, mild climate, excellent surfing and beach culture. They date online, but they spend most of their time in the surf, sand and sun? Why does Bakersfield score so low despite its #8 position on Conservative City ranking? Since there’s no beach culture anywhere near this land-locked city, we can only assume that the agricultural economy demands long hours outside the home.

Top 25 Conservative Cities by Electoral Voting
Provo, Utah
Lubbock, Texas
Abilene, Texas
Hialeah, Florida
Plano, Texas
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Gilbert, Arizona
Bakersfield, California
Lafayette, Louisiana
Orange, California
Escondido, California
Allentown, Pennsylvania
Mesa, Arizona
Arlington, Texas
Peoria, Arizona
Cape Coral, Florida
Garden Grove, California
Simi Valley, California
Corona, California
Clearwater, Florida
West Valley City, Utah
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Overland Park, Kansas
Anchorage, Alaska
Huntington Beach, California

Top 25 Liberal Cities by Electoral Voting
Detroit, Michigan
Gary, Indiana
Berkeley, California
Washington, D.C.
Oakland, California
Inglewood, California
Newark, New Jersey
Cambridge, Massachusetts
San Francisco, California
Flint, Michigan
Cleveland, Ohio
Hartford, Connecticut
Peterson, New Jersey
Baltimore, Maryland
New Haven, Connecticut
Seattle, Washington
Chicago, Illinois
Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia
Birmingham, Alabama
St. Louis, Missouri
New York, New York
Providence, Rhode Island
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Boston, Massachusetts
Buffalo, New York


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