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Oklahoma oil and gas prices: February 14, 2013

Oklahoman Published: February 14, 2013

Woods: Chesapeake Operating Inc.; Knight 1-28-15 No. 1H Well; N1/2 NW1/4 NE1/4 NW1/4 (BHL) of 01-28N-15W; 990 barrels oil per day, 772,000 cu-ft gas per day; TD 10,447.



Wednesday's livestock report from the Oklahoma City Stockyards:

Receipts: 536; Last Tuesday: 706; Year ago: 574

Compared to last week: Slaughter cows sold $1-$2 lower. Slaughter bulls mostly steady. Packer demand good to very good. Total of 226 cows and bulls sold with 47 percent going to packers.

Slaughter Cows: 1,000-1,675 lbs. Average dressing Boners and Breakers $82-$88; Lean cows $77-$82.50; High dressing lightly tested and few

Lean Cows: $83; Low dressing all grades $72-$81.50. 800-950 lbs. Light weight cows Average and High dressing not tested; few Low dressing $69.

Slaughter Bulls: 1,350-2,000 lbs. Average dressing $98-$103.50; High dressing $104-$113.50; Low dressing $94.50-$97, very Low dressing $84. The estimated dressed cost at the Oklahoma National Stockyards; Lean $171.40; Boners $172.10; Breakers $164.70; Light weight cows $163.50. Bulls $181.25.

Replacement Cows: Pre-tested for pregnancy and age. Medium and Large No. 1-2: 2-4 year old 1,075-1,125 lb. cows 6-7 months bred high quality blacks $1,275-$1,360/head; 2-4 year old 875-1,050 lb. cows 3-7 months bred average quality $875-$1,150/head; 6 year old 1,075-1,325 lb. cows 4-6 months bred average quality $900-$1,100/head; 7-8 year old 1,125-1,300 lb. cows 4-7 months bred average quality $950-$1,010/head; 9 year old 1,375 lb. cows 5 months bred average quality black $1,110/head. Pairs: Medium and Large No. 1-2: 2-3 year old 950-1,200 lb. cows with 75-250 lb. calves high quality black $1,400-$1,650/pair; 3 year old 950-975 lb. cows with 150 lb. calves average quality $1,300-$1,325/pair; 8 year old 900 lb. cows with 100 lb. calves high quality black $1,275/pair.


Receipts: Scarce

Hogs not tested.