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Oklahoma oil and gas prices: June 27, 2013

Oklahoman Published: June 27, 2013

Love: Mid-Con Energy Operating Inc.; HDSU Daube-Wilkins No. 2-12 Well; NE1/4 SE1/4 SE1/4 NE1/4 of 12-06S-02W; 123 barrels oil per day; TD 8,505.

Mid-Con Energy Operating Inc.; Van Buskirk No. 6-1A Well; N1/2 SE1/4 SE1/4 NE1/4 of 01-06S-02W; 60 barrels oil per day; TD 7,250.

Noble: HighMount Operating LLC; Shiever No. 2-2H Well; SW1/4 SW1/4 SW1/4 SW1/4 (SL) of 02-21N-03E; 39 barrels oil per day, 136,000 cu-ft gas per day; TD 8,802.

Pottawatomie: Blue Star Energy Inc.; PHU No. 14-Terese Well; NW1/4 SE1/4 SE1/4 NE1/4 of 19-07N-04E; 7 barrels oil per day; TD 3,530.

Seminole: Cuesta Petroleum Inc.; Cluck A No. 15 Well; E1/2 W1/2 E1/2 E1/2 of 11-08N-05E; 30 barrels oil per day; TD 4,393.

Woods: Chesapeake Operating Inc.; Garnie 7-28-14 No. 1H Well; NW1/4 NE1/4 NE1/4 NE1/4 (SL) of 07-28N-14W; 348 barrels oil per day, 546,000 cu-ft gas per day; TD 9,926.

Chesapeake Operating Inc.; Lela 13-27-15 No. 1H Well; S1/2 S1/2 SW1/4 SE1/4 (SL) of 13-27N-15W; 182 barrels oil per day, 495,000 cu-ft gas per day; TD 10,348.

Chesapeake Operating Inc.; South Alva 18-26-13 SWD No. 1 Well; SW1/4 SW1/4 SW1/4 NW1/4 (SL) of 18-26N-13W; TD 8,897.


Alfalfa: Chesapeake Operating Inc.; Richter 7-25-11 No. 1H Well; N1/2 N1/2 NE1/4 NE1/4 (SL) of 07-25N-11W; TD 11,007.

Overflow Energy LLC; Cherokee East SWD No. 1 Well; SE1/4 NW1/4 NW1/4 SE1/4 of 21-27N-10W; TD 7,550.

Ellis: EOG Resources Inc.; AB No. 33-1 Well; C SW1/4 SW1/4 of 33-18N-23W; TD 10,800.

Le Norman Operating LLC; Nelwyn No, 2H-7 Well; S1/2 S1/2 SE1/4 SW1/4 (SL) of 07-17N-24W; TD 13,498.

Grady: EOG Resources Inc.; Jobe No. 31-2H Well; SE1/4 SE1/4 SW1/4 SW1/4 (SL) of 31-06N-07W; TD 15,513.

Kay: Range Production Co.; Copperhead No. 13-8N Well; SW1/4 SW1/4 SE1/4 SE1/4 (SL) of 13-25N-01W; TD 9,600.

Kingfisher: Chaparral Energy LLC; Dover Unit No. 10H-24 Well; N1/2 N1/2 NW1/4 NW1/4 (BHL) of 24-18N-07W; TD 12,447.

Lincoln: Bay Petroleum Corp.; State No. 1-36H Well; C N1/2 NW1/4 NW1/4 (SL) of 36-17N-03E; TD 8,150.

Logan: Devon Energy Production Co. LP; Dudek 12-18N-3W No. 1MH Well; NE1/4 SE1/4 SE1/4 SE1/4 (SL) of 12-18N-03W; TD 10,576.

Devon Energy Production Co. LP; Home Place 35-19N-3W No. 4WH Well; SE1/4 SE1/4 SW1/4 SE1/4 (SL) of 35-19N-03W; TD 10,600.

Noble: Range Production Co.; Badlands No. 20-8S Well; NW1/4 NE1/4 NE1/4 NE1/4 (SL) of 20-24N-02W; TD 9,600.

Roger Mills: Chesapeake Operating Inc.; Lovett 30-16-23 No. 1H Well; NE1/4 NW1/4 NW1/4 NW1/4 (SL) of 30-16N-23W; TD 13,250.

Rogers: Hanna Oil & Gas Co.; McDaniel No. 1-13 Well; SE1/4 SW1/4 NE1/4 SW1/4 of 13-19N-17E; TD 1,000.

Hanna Oil & Gas Co.; Yoder No. 1-13 Well; NE1/4 SE1/4 NW1/4 SE1/4 of 13-19N-17E; TD 1,000.

Tillman: Gladiator Operating LLC; Roy No. 1-36 Well; C S1/2 SW1/4 SE1/4 of 36-02S-19W; TD 5,300.

Woods: MidStates Petroleum Co. LLC; Brown 2613 No. 4H-27 Well; N1/2 N1/2 NW1/4 NW1/4 (SL) of 27-26N-13W; TD 11,350.

MidStates Petroleum Co. LLC; Paris 2513 No. 1H-5 Well; S1/2 S1/2 SW1/4 SE1/4 (SL) of 05-25N-13W; TD 11,300.