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Oklahoma products abound for creating holiday meals

Look for Oklahoma products when planning holiday meals.
BY SHERREL JONES Published: December 12, 2012

I'll make a reduction from an Oklahoma red wine with some beef stock, a bit of local jelly such as sand plum, Suan's Scotch Bonnet Pepper Jelly, or Prickly Pear Jelly, or Prairie Gypsies' Red Hot Lover. Maybe I'll slather the meat with the Gypsies' Chipotle Lime Mustard before adding the spice shop's Savory Great Plains Bison and Beef Rub. Then, while the meat rests a few minutes, I'll deglaze the drippings with the wine and broth to make a fine serving sauce.

Adding to ‘fixins'

There are still some great little local green apples at the Urban Agrarian perfect for slicing with the peeling intact for a thin apple tart. Just a slab of pastry with thin slices of apple. I coat the slices with lemon juice and sugar before fanning them out across the pastry. Bake free form on a baking sheet and sprinkle on some chopped Oklahoma pecans. (You could also add a pecan pie to the “fixins,” as my mama was fond of saying.)

Breakfast traditions

I have to mention our traditional Oklahoma Christmas morning breakfast with Panhandle eggs. It is a quiche-like dish with green chilies, Oklahoma eggs, J.C. Potter's Sausage and local milk (Hiland or Braum's) and cheese such as Christian Cheese cheddar. There are granolas like Briar Berry, or Big Sky, to serve with yogurt from Wagon Creek Creamery, Braums or Highland Dairy.

French toast or pancakes more your style? Serve them with Oklahoma syrup such as Griffin's or Wild Horse Canyon Vineyard's elegant pours of grape-infused elixirs.

Craving some Oklahoma ham? Check the Hamlet in Tulsa, Schwab's in Oklahoma City or Robertson's in Marietta.

I could list so many more great little food finds from across our state, but I will save them for 2013. I'm looking forward to sharing more homegrown and homemade foods for our Oklahoma tables. What could be better than an Oklahoma holiday celebration with locally grown or produced foods served throughout? It's good for Oklahoma and it's good for you. Have a yummy holiday.

Some Oklahoma Beef producers

G-J All Natural Beef: Okemah, (405) 590-2822;

Beaver Creek Farms: Lawton, (580) 357-0285;

Biaggi Farms: Ponca City, (580) 628-5061;

Cattle Tracks: Fairview, (580) 227-3452;

Cole Farms LLC: Perkins, (918) 374-2254;

Holder Brothers Beef: Altus/Edmond, (580) 477-2333 or (580) 715-2334

Natural Farms: Tulsa, (918) 583-5453;

Redbird Ranch: Webbers Falls, (918) 464-2770;

Stone Bluff Beef: Haskell, (918) 482-BEEF;

NoName Ranch: Wynnewood, (580) 768-1023;