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Oklahoma Records: Saturday, April 17, 2010

Oklahoman Published: April 17, 2010
Editor’s note: The Oklahoman will publish free birth and adoption announcements as space permits. Include child’s name, sex, birth date, hospital or county of adoption. You can send the information online at or call us at 475-3539 or mail the information to The Oklahoman, P.O. Box 25125, Oklahoma City, OK 73125.

The Oklahoman has discontinued publishing birth announcements from hospitals that do not provide full names of parents.

Marriage licenses
Vincent Wayne Riggie, 22, and Shela Marie Delonge, 20.

Brandon Lee Fanning, 25, and Ariana Savella Reyna, 23.

Scott Edward Starr, 45, and Gina Carole Strickland, 45.

Christopher Alexander Owens, 23, and Kerbie Marie Addis, 21.

Meldon Bryon Moore, 40, and Yonika Lea Barrientez, 30.

Matthew David Fix, 37, and Natalie Rae Scott, 31.

Justin Matthew Griggs, 30, and Elizabeth Anne Ingraham, 28.

Allen Kelly Parker, 33, and Crystal Ann Lohmann, 28.

Steven Jerry Strickland, 23, and Alayna C. Sulick, 18.

Jason Charles Jameson, 27, and Alicia Danielle Brandt, 23.

Michael Herd Jr., 27, and Julia Denise Brazille, 36.

Joseph Allen Eason, 28, and Desiree Nicole Young, 26.

Brandon Lee Croy, 26, and Alena Michelle Wiedmann, 23.

Evan Grant Ellis Vincent, 26, and Elizabeth Marie Hedges, 27.

William Clinton Langford, 35, and Mary Kathleen Doyle, 30.

Dustin Ray Krueger, 21, and Tori Mignon Chapman, 22.

Marlow Joe Anderson, 40, and Tammy Linn Bryan, 40.

Eric Leckie, 38, and Jonnie Eileen Rychlec, 31.

Eric Anthony Szymanski, 28, and Hayley Elizabeth Locke, 22.

Justin Andrew Garrett, 20, and Brandi Lynn Harrison, 23.

John W. Holshouser, 64, and Lena Darnell, 61.